Points of Departure

Johnson’s desire to explore his creativity led to fascinating Points of Departure in his work, by creating sculptures that veer from the fixed ideas reflected in the artist’s other collections.  These works reveal Johnson’s expansive curiosity and artistic breadth. They also play with the perspective of the viewer in new and groundbreaking ways that allow them to see both art, and their own human experience, with fresh eyes.


Chamber of Internal Dialogue


Double Check: Makeshift Memorial

Double Check: The Survivor

Has Anyone Seen Larry?

King Lear

King Lear 20′

Lakeside Table #1

Love Song

Milestones and Miracles

Mr. Rat

Mystical Treasure Trip

Painting by the Glow of the Green Fairy

Redon’s Fantasy of Venus

Safety in Seas

Stainless Girl

The Awakening

There My Little Pretties

Tom Byrne

Tooth, The

Viral Art