Monumental Scale

Johnson was fascinating by large-scale monuments. He researched the power such figures have as cultural markers that can express a sense of place and identity and have gained global importance. With this series Johnson sought to explore cultural images that have become larger than life. These striking sculptures, many of them expanded to 25-feet tall, have been invited across the globe for display.

In this new body of work, I am trying [once again] to discover what makes an image stick with us and become something more than its one moment in time.” – Seward Johnson

A Turn of the Century 20′

Confrontational Vulnerability 20′

Crossing Paths 20′

Day Dream (3x’s enlargement)

Embracing Peace 25′

Forever Marilyn 25′

God Bless America 14′ (with house)

God Bless America 25′

King Lear 20′

Los Mariachis 20′

Return Visit 25′

The Awakening

The Tooth

Time For Fun 20′

Whispering Close 20′