Modeling and Mold Making


The talented modelers at the Atelier practice traditional modeling techniques using hand built armatures. Sculptors can also choose to work with our partners at Digital Atelier LLC to develop a hybrid model. The use of traditional pantograph or laser scans, or CNC milled models, give you the greatest flexibility in technology as you see your creation come to life.


  • Public monuments – in bronze and granite
  • Monumental bronze reliefs
  • Life-size bronze compositions
  • Monumental bronze portrait busts
  • Life-size bronze portrait busts
  • Bronze medals cast in the lost wax process
  • Plaster prototypes for struck medals
  • Bronze miniatures
  • Table top size bronze compositions
  • Alginate casts from live model
  • Work with architects and engineers on restorations: re-modeling missing elements and repairing damage parts. We can do everything, anywhere – wherever sculpture meets architecture.


Mold Making

Mold making uses a variety of traditional and state of the art materials to suit the specific needs of each sculptor’s project. We work closely with you, the artist, to best understand the specific intent in order to effectively reproduce the original work. Experts in these practices create molds for a single cast or multiple editions. We can mold objects of nearly any size and with almost any surface detail. From the smallest clothing texture, to a full size reproduction of a dinosaur, we have made a successful molds of a wide range of objects.


  • Rubber molds in polysulfide or silicone
  • Molds of all types: open face, half and half, paint molds, poured molds, piece molds, waste molds
  • Molds of all sizes – from miniatures, life-size figures to monumental
  • Molds made on-site of public sculpture and architectural decorations
  • Casting: Plaster, Hydrocal, FGR-95, Polyester – with or without added colors
  • Molds may be made at the Atelier, or from public sculpture or the walls of buildings


For more information please contact Susan Dunsmoor
Phone: (609) 890-7777

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