Icons Revisited

This series explores images of people or events that capture a moment and become larger than life as time passes. It brings to life familiar and time-tested images such as the famous Times Square sailor and nurse kissing, seen in Johnson’s Embracing Peace. Johnson brings these images to life in three dimensions to ask why they’ve captivated us for so long, and how our responses to them, have shifted over time.

A Reason to Smile

A Reason to Smile: French Guards

Assistant Editor

Can Do!

David Arnold: A Silver Voice

Embracing Peace

Embracing Peace 25′

Forever Marilyn

Forever Marilyn 25′

God Bless America

God Bless America 14′ (with house)

God Bless America 25′

Keep Life in Balance

Kirk Douglas, Dual Portrait

My Sixteen-Year-Old Jazz Dreams

Return Visit

Return Visit 25′

Seven Year Itch- Man

The Nature of Obsession

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?