Fort Worth Botanic Gardens: Sculptures In the Garden

Linking to the Past, Heading to the Future

Join us March 1 – September 1 at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden in Fort Worth, TX.

Imagine strolling down a garden pathway all a bloom, one minute admiring the season’s newly sprung greenery, the next face to face with the Mona Lisa, as you do a double take over a Reason to Smile.c. Or see the iconic V-J day sculpture Embracing Peace set among the Texas Bluebonnets.

Both familiar and foreign at the same time, Seward Johnson’s larger-than-life sculptures encompass everything from whimsical memories and intimate scenes, to some of the most momentous figures in our history. The power of these sculptures will implore you to pause and look at what is in front of you, as well as examine what possibilities lie ahead.

Visit “Sculptures in the Garden” on display at Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, and turn your attention to the power of renewal and connection through art and nature.

For more information or to buy tickets: Fort Worth Botanic Garden.

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What's On Display

About Seward Johnson

Artist Seward Johnson, whose lifelike bronze and monumental figures are familiar sights throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, was often hailed in the press as “America’s most popular sculptor.” Throughout his over 50 years as a sculptor, Johnson made a significant impact on the landscape, and the expanding world of public art. For more information on Seward, visit our About Us page.