Conservation / Paint & Patina

Conservation / Paint & Patina

Dating back to 1974, through our history of creating, conserving and teaching all the disciplines of sculpture, the Atelier has built a renowned team of caring and skilled craftsman. This devotion to the art has allowed us to oversee sculpture conservation and restoration projects for clients of all sizes across the globe with un-paralleled quality.

As a team well versed in all aspects of painting and patination, we work closely with each artist to develop the right finish, color and texture for every project. The Atelier has the largest commercial paint booth of its kind, measuring 25′ width x 25′ depth x 30′ height. Our state of the art facility, in combination with our highly trained certified team of painters, can offer the sculptor a pallet of choices unmatched in the industry.

  • 30′ tall paint booth with 600 sq footprint and 40,000 pound capability

Paint and Finishing systems

  • Axalta Cromax Pro (waterbourne)
  • Axalta Cromax Mosaic (low VOC solvent based system)
  • Axalta Chroma Premier (Solvent Based system)
  • Axalta Imron
  • House of Kolor (special finishes including our Chrome paint)

Alas Paint

  • We can work in a variety of other products depending on the clients needs.
  • We can also do Gilding and Gold leafing procedures.

Vinyl Applications or Direct Applications of Digital Imagery



Patina Processes

Buried Patina

Patina that comes about after metal is “buried” in a “soil” that has been saturated with a patina creating solution.

Cold Patina

Patinas involving applying the agent onto room temperature (cold) metal No heat is involved. patinas are applied in layers until you are happy with the color. The patina chemicals can be applied with sponges, brushes or sprays.

Hot Patina

Patina involving applying the chemicals while the metal is hot, usually a blowtorch is used to heat the metal.

Fume Patina

Exposing the object to the chemicals vapors in a closed environment)

Dip Patina

Wrap Patina


Aluminum, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Concrete Block, Drywall, Plaster, Fiberglass, PVC, Galvanized Steel, Concrete, Stainless Steel, Wood, Digital Milled Foam, Plastic

Systems and Tools Used

  • Infinity Color Net (Computer system)
  • Spectra Master Color Atlas
  • Pantone Color
  • Sata HVLP Spray Guns

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For more information please contact Susan Dunsmoor
Phone: (609) 890-7777

* can work in many different methods of application.






Recent Projects

The Elmwood Park Zoo of Norristown, PA sponsored a restoration project with The Seward Johnson Atelier. Before and after images show the conservation procress.

The “Hello Columbus Monument” in Norristown, PA was designed by structural and landscape architects Alfred Panepinto and Cee Jay Frederick and made at the Johnson Atelier in 1989-1992. It was unveiled in 1992 for the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ first landing in America.






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