Collector’s Services


We would be pleased to provide collectors with certifications of authenticity. Feel free to contact us with your request.


If your sculptures are sold or gifted, and there is a transfer of ownership, please let us know the name and location of the new owner so that we can add this to our archives.  We keep updated records of each casting for the Foundation’s legacy records, museum showings and catalogue inclusions.  We would never print a collector’s name without their permission as we are very cognizant of privacy issues, but we do need to know where the sculptures are located, as we still own the copyrights for all of the sculptures.


Please contact The Seward Johnson Atelier with your conservation needs for your sculpture(s). Our conservators have expertise with the Seward Johnson bronzes, and familiarity with his paint and patina systems. This is the same team who originally painted the sculptures for Mr. Johnson. Working with them is the best way to guarantee that your sculpture is returned to its fresh-from-the-artist’s-studio condition. Our team members are also expert technicians with regard to finishes and restorations for other artworks. Sculptures are either restored on-site, or at the Atelier in Hamilton, New Jersey, according the individual case.


Below, please find some basic instructions for at-home maintenance of your sculpture.  Older Seward Johnson sculptures may require different processes. Please check with us for advice pertaining to your specific piece.
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