Monumental Shows

Monumental shows to visit this winter.


Elkhart County, Indiana
Northern Indiana Heritage Trail
“God Bless America”
Extended through February 2018

Crown Point, Indiana
“The Tooth”
Extended through February 2018

Peoria, IL
30’ “Return Visit”

Johnson’s Monumental “Return Visit” visits Peoria, Illinois


Johnson’s 30′ tall monumental “Return Visit,” of Abraham Lincoln talking with the modern-day man about the Gettysburg Address, has been installed at the Riverfront Museum in Peoria.

The sculpture’s presence will help anchor an exhibit at the museum launching in February 2018 on the state’s 200th birthday, with exhibits on and words from 200 Illinois citizens.

“Given that Lincoln gave one his most important speeches here in Peoria, it’s a good thing to celebrate him,” PRM President and CEO John Morris says.  “There are a lot of lessons about Lincoln the are still fresh and relevant today.”

The sculpture’s display is also intended as a salute to Peoria public art advocates Harriet Swager and her late husband, architect Gene Swager.

God Bless America and 60 Life-Scale Sculptures along the Heritage Trail


Elkhart County

Northern Indiana Heritage Trail

“God Bless America”
May 2017 – February 2018



Thank you for a great summer!

Quilt Gardens and The Seward Johnson sculpture exhibition, spread beauty through Elkhart County this summer.  Elkhart County will be bidding farewell to most of the sculptures as Quilt Gardens closes down for the year in late October.  They are already in preparations for another colorful summer starting May 30, 2018.

There is a piece of good news:  The God Bless America monumental-scale sculpture will be staying in Central Park in downtown Elkhart until February 2018.  The extended exhibit of this artwork was the result of the overwhelming positive reception to the sculpture by the city and surrounding area.

“We have so enjoyed the many comments and emails that we’ve received from Elkhart County and from visitors to the Quilt Gardens this summer.  Our thanks go out to everyone on the vast team from each town who helped to make this spectacular exhibit a reality,” notes Paula Stoeke, Curator for the Seward Johnson Atelier in Elkhart’s recent press release.

If you missed this exhibit of 56 sculptures, here are some of our favorite pictures.



(Closed October 1, 2017)

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There are two very large and spectacular exhibitions taking shape for this summer.  The first to open is in Elkhart County, Indiana.  Nearly 60 life-scale sculptures by Seward Johnson will nestle into the beautiful Amish Country landscape.

The Heritage Trail Driving Tour takes you along 90 miles, through 6 cities and towns, past the glorious Quilt Gardens, made in traditional quilt patterns – all with flowers.  During this 10th anniversary year, these Quilt Gardens will also have Johnson bronzes sited along the route.

The monumental chosen by the hosts is “God Bless America” – Seward Johnson’s homage to painter Grant Wood. The 25-foot tall farmers and pitchfork will tower over the pastoral landscape, greeting all who take this special driving tour.

The sculptures arrived May 30th and stay through September 2017.

Visit Amish Country [/one_third_last]

“The Tooth” and Life-Scale Sculptures in Crown Point, Indiana






Crown Point

“The Tooth”
May 2017 – February 2018

(Life-Scale exhibit is closed)

The city of Crown Point, Indiana is hosting an extremely unique monumental sculpture this year!  Seward Johnson’s gigantic tooth and two bronze art lovers contemplating the sculpture (man pictured), is on display outside of the artist’s New Jersey locale for the first time in decades.


“The Tooth” is sure to draw a crowd and surprise many unaware drivers.

There will also be a concurrent show of 11 life-sized sculptures, including “No Hands” and “My Dog Has Flea” (pictured), sited throughout the city for visitor’s to discover.

Watch a short video of the installation of the Tooth in Crown Point


Embracing Peace at the Key West Custom House art museum















The team from The Seward Johnson Atelier install “Embracing Peace,” a 25 foot tall bronze sculpture by artist Johnson at the Key West Custom House Art Museum.



Return Visit arrives in Chicago and the Cubs Win!

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Seward Johnson’s 30 foot tall “Return Visit” sculpture was installed at Pioneer Court on Michigan Avenue in Chicago the same week the beloved Cubs won the World Series!  A massive sea of parade goers surrounded the sculpture!


“Return Visit” will be leaving Chicago on September 18th.  Come by and watch the dynamic deinstallation.

Embracing Peace stands tall in Belgium

image036 image028





image042  image0431

The installation crew from the Seward Johnson Atelier arrived in Bastogne, Belgium and installed the 20-foot tall Embracing Peace “kiss” sculpture, on October 5th at the Bastogne War Museum.
Colline de Mardasson
5-6600 Bastonge Belgium
Oct 5, 2016 – April 5, 2017

Honoring Veterans … Embracing Peace is cleaned and prepped!




The 30 foot tall Embracing Peace sculpture by Seward Johnson shown at Sarasota, Florida’s beautiful bay front, was cleaned and prepared for the annual Spirit of ‘45 Day on August 14th. This day honors all of our veterans with celebrations that took place around the globe.

Embracing Peace in Royal Oak, Michigan


The monumental-scale Embracing Peace sculpture was just installed at the site of the future home of the Michigan WWII Legacy Memorial in Royal Oak, Michigan, outside of Detroit.

Abe Arrives in Crown Point, IN



The 36′ monumental sculpture of Abraham Lincoln talking with the common man about the famous Gettysburg Address, has arrived in the state where our 16th President was born.  The sculpture by Seward Johnson is titled Return Visit.   The 272 word speech, which ran less than three minutes, was delivered in 1863, and is still considered the greatest and most influential statement of national purpose.  This unique and inspirational exhibit will rise above the city at the CP Sportsplex, through to the end of the year (2016).

The people of Crown Point, Indiana also welcomed twelve life-size bronze sculptures with great excitement.  These works are from artist Seward Johnson’s series, “Celebrating the Familiar”, which draws attention to every day activities, and “Icons Revisited”, which highlights famous images from popular culture. Included in the exhibition are the delightful Forever Marilyn, and figures reading poetry books, sharing newspapers, and having conversations.  There is even someone helping keep the streets pristine by tossing out litter.  A favorite Johnson piece titled God Bless America, an homage to painter Grant Wood’s farmer couple (American Gothic) with their notably serious expressions and a pitchfork, can also be seen. The bronze sculptures have been installed throughout downtown Crown Point, between Court and Main, for the “Art In Point” public art project.

After visiting with Marilyn Monroe, look over the shoulder of the woman in Captured, or stroll with the “Ambassador of the Streets” and her dog on the southeast corner of the Historic Crown Point Courthouse. The exhibit will be in beautiful downtown through November 1, 2016.  Don’t miss it!

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